I am a dreamer and a visionary. As a child I dreamed of helping others find God’s love in working out life’s problems. That dream became reality as I have been counseling children and families for thirty years. Another vision has been to capture and share through photography the magnificent beauty of God’s handiwork in nature.

Photography is an escape into the world of nature away from a busy schedule, phones and noise. Friends can tell you that I lose all track of time when I photograph a beautiful landscape or flower. I enter into a world of quiet serenity and reflection, completely lost in creating ways to capture the beauty of nature.

My interest in photography was originally inspired by my dad as I tagged along with him in his work as a photo journalist for a small Southeastern Colorado newspaper. Our family lived in an agricultural community so Dad wrote stories about farming and ranching operations. I began my own photography years later when I was working as a missionary in Korea and in the South Pacific.

While working as a school counselor, I escape with wife, Sherry, to enjoy beautiful vistas and a wide variety of wild flowers in the Sierra Nevada. Our souls and spirits are refreshed in our fascination with photographing landscapes and flowers. The magnificence of nature touches a need within our souls to be in relationship with God. Our spirit is drawn upward and lifted beyond the worries and cares of daily life as I admire God’s handiwork.

I cannot always escape to the mountains or remote places but nature photographs help me take minute vacations to refresh my mind and spirit. I can imagine quiet moments in a field of flowers, listening to the gurgling sounds of water rushing down a stream or sitting beside a cool mountain lake. If I stop and quietly reflect on the beauty of creation, God refreshes my spirit. I hope you can find moments of serenity and peace as you tour my photo gallery.